Terms & Conditions

This User Agreement (This “Agreement”) is a contract between you (“You” or the ”User” or “Buyer” or “Contributor”), and SnapHubr Investment Limited (“SnapHubr” or “SnapHubr Investment Ltd.” or, “Us” or “We” or any other appellation by which we choose to be known as an entity within the context of this Agreement). This Agreement is made pertaining to the usage of the services and/or products visible on the domain site www.snaphubr.com and any other domain or web service of which the user chooses to subscribe to under the operation of SnapHubr Investment Limited which references this Agreement. You must read, agree to, and accept all the underlying Terms & Conditions contained in this Agreement in order to use our web site located at www.snaphubr.com, all affiliate sites, mobile apps, and/or any other web service, owned and operated by us or any of our affiliate services, in existence now or which may come into existence at any time during the life of SnapHubr (Collectively to be known as Our Services), and which reference this Agreement or link to it for whatever services relating to what SnapHubr was established for.

This Agreement includes, and automatically references our Terms & Conditions, Upload Agreement; License Agreement; Standard Pricing & Payment Policies; Privacy Policies; Download Agreement; Definitions; Disclaimers; and any other policies put into effect by SnapHubr Investment Limited to regulate our services. Please note that these policies and terms may appear in one dedicated web page or spread across various pages (and possibly hyperlinked to each other to provide a more seamless user experience for all our users), or even spread across varying web sites which provide our services to users.

Subject to the terms set herein, SnapHubr may, at its sole discretion, amend this Agreement in any way it deems fit and shall upload the updated Agreement to its Site(s). Once done, such amended terms shall take effect fourteen (14) days from the date the amendment appeared on our site. Users who continue to use our services upon notice of such amendments are deemed to have accepted such changes. If there are Substantial Changes to said Agreement, SnapHubr shall provide reasonable notice to all users notifying them of said change(s). Upon notification to users, the updated Agreement containing the Substantial Changes shall be deemed to have been accepted by users if they continue to use SnapHubr’s services.


The foregoing provisions and everything enumerated underneath shall be read inclusively.

The terms of this Agreement are set down below.

  1. Description

    1. Site Description/Ownership/Usage. The website www.snaphubr.com is an online marketplace for users to upload and download works and to pay for those works (if they are buyers) or be paid for the contribution of their works (if they are contributors). It is owned and operated by SnapHubr Investment Limited. All informational graphics, descriptions, and designs which were created for the operation of the site and the provision of services enumerated hereunder, are protected by Nigerian Copyright law and applicable international copyright laws/conventions. Works in this context means images captured by photographic means AND which the contributor/copyright owner uploads to SnapHubr for sale. All works which appear on the Site are deemed to be available for sale/download.
    2. Usage and Effective Date. This Agreement shall bind you from the moment you create an account on SnapHubr for the use of our services, or wish to upload/list (or alternatively, puchase) any work listed on our services. A buyer shall be bound by the terms from the moment s/he registers for an account and/or purchases any work listed on our services.
  2. Definitions

    1. Contributor means anyone who uploads images for sale on SnapHubr. This could be the assigned copyright owner (where the original photographer is not the copyright owner) or the original owner of an image who registers for the use of our services.
    2. User means any person who accesses, or registers to access, any material and/or images on SnapHubr or any of its affiliates (if, when, and where applicable).
    3. Buyer means any person who registers on the site to purchase any image offered up for sale by any of SnapHubr’s users/contributors and intends to use same under any of our licenses.
    4. SnapHubr means SnapHubr Investment Limited and its affiliates.
    5. Works/Images means any photographic image uploaded by Contributors to SnapHubr for sale to buyers.
    6. Event Photo means any photo which was taken at an event by a photographer and in respect of which certain terms/restrictions apply in line with this Agreement and/or any other separate Agreement (to be) created for the SnapHubrEvent platform.
    7. Model Release means any release granted/signed by the subject of a photograph granting permission to a Contributor for any image (in respect of which a model release is needed) uploaded to the site for sale/download.
    8. Royalty-free means, within the context envisioned by SnapHubr in this Agreement, that an image shall not be subject to repeat payments by the buyer after the initial payment price of the image has been paid and the user licensed to utilize the image under any of the licenses under-listed herein which the buyer is issued in order to be able to use the image. It also means, where the context so permits, that SnapHubr shall not pay any sums to a contributor for the use/upload of contributor-owned images on any third-party sites or affiliates by SnapHubr for the purpose of marketing said images and/or SnapHubr’s services.
  3. Site Usage Agreement

    1. You agree that, by your use of SnapHubr for accessing any of its services, you shall be bound by the contents of this Agreement in its entirety, without exclusion of any of the foregoing and ensuing terms & conditions.
  4. User Accounts/Notices and Service Availability

      1. In order to use SnapHubr’s services, a Contributor shall create a user account before being eligible to upload content on SnapHubr. Failure to create an account on the Site renders a prospective Contributor ineligible to upload content to SnapHubr.
      2. In order to be able to purchase any images made available for sale on SnapHubr, a buyer shall create an account on SnapHubr. This is necessary so that orders can be processed.
      3. SnapHubr does not charge any user registration fees before Contributors can create user accounts and buyers can create accounts in accordance with 4.1 above.
    1. Where a User registers an account in line with 4. above, whether as a Contributor or buyer, such person must provide accurate user personal information. If and where the status of the user changes, such changes must be updated on the user’s account in order to reflect the up-to-date information of the user which must be accurate before a user (if he’s a contributor) can withdraw money from the SnapHubr account in line with SnapHubr’s payment and withdrawal policies.
    2. Users may, from time to time, and where situation permits, be served personal legal notices on the personal email addresses provided by Users from SnapHubr. Other notices shall be posted to SnapHubr’s News & Kudos and on SnapHubr’s Social Media handles.
    3. Where the information provided by a user is inaccurate or misrepresented with the effect that ensuing losses occur, the User shall be responsible for ALL resulting liabilities accruing from the loss which is the direct consequence of the misrepresentation or inaccuracy. SnapHubr is exempt from any and/or all liabilities accruing from such misrepresentation or inaccuracy.
    4. You are advised-particularly if you are a Contributor making your work available for sale on our services, or a Buyer purchasing same-to create and keep backup copies of whatever content you upload/download to/and from SnapHubr on safe, virus-free, external storage devices because we do not guarantee that there will be backups available for recovery in the case of any disruption of services by any act over which we reasonably lack control over.
    5. Buyer Registration.
      1. Buyers who wish to purchase works made available here on SnapHubr shall create accounts and fill the necessary details before they can check out whatever images already purchased.
      2. Once a buyer creates an account, such buyer shall have his/her own dashboard where images already purchased shall be displayed.
    6. Loss of Log-in Details.
      1. If, after registration for the use of our services, a user subsequently loses his/her log-in details, such user should contact SnapHubr on service@snaphubr.com in order to request our assistance with the recovery of the account log-in details. SnapHubr shall try-in whatever way we can-to assist the user to recover said details. SnapHubr is however exempt from any and/or ALL liabilities resulting from a user’s loss of log-in details especially if the user is unable to recover such details EVEN with SnapHubr’s technical assistance.
  5. Upload Agreement

    1. Content Upload. As a Contributor, you agree that all images uploaded to SnapHubr shall be for the sole purpose of making same available for sale to interested buyers. At such, any images uploaded to SnapHubr cannot be intended to be stored there, using SnapHubr’s web space as a storage service. SnapHubr is not an image storage system and will not be used as such by any user.
      1. Contributors shall ensure that images they wish to upload on SnapHubr shall be at least 700px wide and over 700px height.
      2. All images uploaded to SnapHubr must NOT be watermarked prior to upload.
      3. SnapHubr reserves the sole discretionary right to define, change, and implement quality guidelines regarding content to be uploaded by Contributors.
      4. Where the images Contributors wish to upload are trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise legally protected under the ownership/control of third parties, permission must first be sought for and obtained from the rightful owners. Where minors are involved, the applicable releases must have been sought for and obtained from their legal guardians. Where any such content are uploaded for sale, SnapHubr shall deem it that the said permissions had been previously sought for and obtained even if SnapHubr DOES NOT request for the release forms.
      5. If, upon the review of your work, it is deemed by the SnapHubr editorial team that such work does not follow our approved content quality guidelines, or fails to abide by any of the restrictions/conditions detailed in this Agreement, we reserve the sole discretionary right to summarily reject and delete your work from SnapHubr.
      6. You agree that, even if your content was originally accepted for upload and sale on our services, we reserve the right to periodically review such content, and if found to be inappropriate for our services at a later date from the time of upload due to reported issues with copyright, complaints about releases and/or any other matter falling within the same purview, or that we now deem it to be inappropriate for sale via our services, we reserve the sole right to withdraw approval of such content. Once approval is withdrawn, such content will be deleted from our services with or without notification to you.
      7. You agree that you own all images which you wish to upload to SnapHubr for sale on our services. At such, you agree that you own the copyright in the work, and in a case where you originally do not own copyright in the work, that same has been assigned to you via a signed written agreement assigning said copyright to you. If, in failing with the above, copyright issues/complaints accrue as a result of the upload of such content to SnapHubr, or any law suite from interested parties arises from such, you shall bear sole and absolute responsibility for the infringement and SnapHubr shall be absolved from any and ALL liabilities accruing from same. We also reserve the right to penalize you in line with our policies and disclaim any responsibilities WHATSOEVER for your activities.
    2. IP Rights. You warrant and represent that you own any and ALL rights with respect to all works uploaded to SnapHubr. These include: Copyrights, Trademarks, Moral Rights, (Collectively, to the fullest extent provided for under applicable laws, to be known as IP Rights) and any other identifiable rights needed to grant us the license to host same for sale on SnapHubr. You further warrant that you shall not upload any work that constitutes an infringement of the IP rights of others, be they individuals or corporate entities, or upload work that constitute libel against others (whether personal or corporate bodies). If you upload work that infringes on the existing IP Rights of others, SnapHubr disclaims any and ALL liabilities in respect of said infringement and may impose penalties on you in line with SnapHubr’s policies.
    3. Releases. You are responsible for obtaining ALL model release forms (if and where applicable). Even if SnapHubr does not request for model release forms, you warrant, by implication (because of your upload of said works), that said model releases have been dully obtained and you have the right/license to upload the work on SnapHubr. Furthermore, if and where the work contains any distinctive characteristics or property of any copyrighted work, or that your image is a derivative of an already existing copyrighted work, you warrant that you have obtained all necessary permissions and licenses granting you the power to utilize same.
    4. Prohibited Content. In the course of your usage of SnapHubr’s services as a Contributor, you shall not upload for sale on SnapHubr, all or any of the following:

        a. Any material considered pornographic in nature, such that the persons depicted in it are involved in sexually stimulating acts or are posed in conditions that would be considered lewd and/or provocative to any reasonable viewer of such an image.

        b. Any material likely to offend the sensibilities of any right-thinking member of the society.

        c. Any work that is inappropriate and does not align with our approved Terms and guidelines like: images that will be deemed offensive to the subjects that appear in the photos, images that break extant laws, contains libelous depictions against any person, place, or group in the society; images that do not meet with the set editorial guidelines such that the images are low-resolution, blurry, or are watermarked images, images that lack artistic and stylistic creativity which make them bad choices for sale; or any other image that would be considered to not align with our policies as may be set down from time to time. This paragraph may also, where the context so permits, apply to contributors who hack into our services and whose images would also now be treated as having infringed on our policies.

      1. Conditional Upload Restrictions.
        Subject to any general restrictions contained in this Agreement, and further to the complete prohibition of certain content as enumerated in Article 5.4 above, Contributors can upload these under-listed class of images for sale on SnapHubr, subject to Model Releases and ANY other applicable permissions first sought and obtained:

        a. Images of minors (0-17 years);

        b. Images of certain class of workers at their work stations employed in society-sensitive industries like strip-clubs; bank accounting officers shown working in bank money vaults while counting piles of money, nurses and/or doctors shown effecting sensitive ministration to patients, street walkers plying their trade, and images falling within such aforementioned purview;

        c. Images of people in their private spaces like bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms or in any place where they ordinarily would not like the public to observe them;

        d. Images of other photographers;

        e. Images capable of embarrassing the subjects that appear in them eg: persons urinating with their genitalia in full view of the camera lenses, persons in states of undress whose pictures were captured with or without their knowledge, and any other class of such images as stated;

        f. Images of copyrighted Artwork which include, but are not limited to: paintings, drawings, sculpture, or any other work which require artistic creativity;

        g. Images of Government Reserved Areas or other areas excluded from public use/view;

        Or any other such groups of images which ordinarily, would require permission to be used and which unauthorized usage may lead to serious consequences and infringements.

        Images which can be classified as event images, if and where uploaded to the Site for sale, shall be restricted to be purchased only for editorial use in line with the terms of this Agreement. They cannot be purchased for personal use or any other use apart from the editorial use expressly mentioned.

    5. Unauthorized Access to Images.
      1. Duty to keep images in safe custody.
        Photographers who wish to become a part of the SnapHubr online community of contributors, or who already are contributors to SnapHubr, are responsible for keeping high-resolution copies of their work in safe custody at all times so that such will not be stolen and uploaded by (an)other contributor(s) who wishes to make profit from the sale of such stolen copies.
      2. Where a contributor discovers that unauthorized copies of his work has appeared for sale on SnapHubr by another contributor, such owner/contributor shall forward a complaint to SnapHubr on contributor@snaphubr.com and supply such details as his name, location, photo ID of infringed copy, photo sales page link of the infringed work alongside a copy of the original work to enable us to look into the case of the infringement. Upon receipt, SnapHubr shall conduct an investigation into the matter, and if we determine that there really was a infringement, we shall delist the image and possibly, at our own discretion, penalize the infringing user in line with our policies set out in Article 6 of this Agreement.
  6. Licenses/Restrictions

    1. Licenses.
      By creating an account as a user/contributor with the intent to upload works to SnapHubr, you warrant that you have granted SnapHubr a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free right to utilize such images for its services promotion activities, subject to your withdrawal of said authorization by delisting yourself from the SnapHubr service. Once uploaded in line with this Agreement, images by contributors can be used by SnapHubr for marketing leverage activities including but not limited to the use of such images for the promotion of its services across its entire parent network, affiliate network, or any other service necessary for SnapHubr’s use to promote its services worldwide without further authorization from contributors. Further to this, no royalties shall be paid to such contributors since the promotion of SnapHubr’s services may, in turn, benefit the contributor by bringing in prospective buyers to the site.
    2. As a condition to your use of our services, and in line with the items delineated in 6.1 above, you give us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, revocable (in line with the terms as contained herein), sub-licensable right to exercise database, hosting and publicity rights you have in the work, for the purpose of creating awareness for our services and also your work, in any distinguishable media, whether known now or unknown.
    3. As a condition to uploading your work as a contributor, you grant us perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive hosting and database license to host copies of your work on our domains for purposes of sale of same to interested prospective buyers. You agree that granting us these rights as aforementioned does not preclude you from utilizing other services similar to SnapHubr to promote and sell your work for purchase by the general public.
    4. Image Usage Restrictions.
      Users are prohibited from downloading images which may or may not be watermarked with our logo/mark made available by SnapHubr and/or contributors to our services without first obtaining SnapHubr’s permission. To do so would amount to a violation of SnapHubr’s policies.
    5. Site Restrictions.
      1. As a user of any of our services, you agree not to hack our domain, or try to gain unauthorized access to our service, or to do anything which borders on illegal/restricted acts under all applicable local and international cybercrime laws.
      2. If you, for whatever reason, whether maliciously, with the intent to steal any information on SnapHubr, or experimentally for the purpose of discovering if you can hack into our systems undetected, hacks or tries to hack into our services, or in any other distinguishable way try to interfere with the operation of our services on the Internet, we reserve the right to treat same as a criminal act, a consequence of which can be the institution of criminal proceedings against you in line with our applicable laws.

        If it is discovered that you are not merely a visitor to our services, meaning that you are a registered user of our site and services, and perpetrated, or tried to perpetrate any of the acts aforementioned, or even if the acts perpetrated are not aforementioned, but which would ordinarily constitute a criminal activity if and where perpetrated, we are at liberty to, in our sole discretion, take any of these actions against you:

        i. Remove your content from SnapHubr in line with Article 5.4, paragraph C of this Agreement.

        ii. Place a permanent ban on you from ever using our services in the future. Should you try to use any of our services in the future after such permanent ban is placed under an alias, and such is discovered, we shall close down such account and you shall render to complete forfeiture, any monies accruing to you from any subsequent sales you effected while using our site, alongside having all your images taken down once again.

        iii. Commence legal proceedings against you for infringement of our terms and/or for cybercrime activities.

        iv. Suspend your account on SnapHubr for as long as we deem fit to while exercising our sole and reasonable discretion.

        v. Impose monetary penalties against you to the sums of which we deem fit in our sole discretion to impose if you still wish to continue using our services for the sale of your work;

        Or to impose any other sanction we deem fit and necessary to impose on you after reviewing your activities on our services.

        1. You agree that the determination of acts which constitutes violations of our user policies and imposition of penalties for said violations lies at the sole discretion of SnapHubr.
  7. Download Agreement

      Buyers agree to be bound by this Agreement in the course of their usage of our activities.

    1. Duty to create Accounts. Buyers shall create an account on SnapHubr before they can purchase works made available for sale on SnapHubr, and any/ALL images purchased by buyers on SnapHubr can be utilized by buyers in line with the licenses which are set forth in the ensuing paragraphs.
      1. Waiver of SnapHubr’s Liability for works sold on our services. Buyers also agree to exempt SnapHubr from any and/or all liabilities that may accrue as a result of the purchase of any work available on our site because the works are owned by the individual contributors to our services, not SnapHubr. SnapHubr merely provides a platform that connects contributors with sellable images to prospective buyers.
      2. In the course of the provision of image sale and resell services to our buyers, we have taken reasonable steps to ensure that contributors to our platform are the legitimate owners of any and all works which they upload to our site for sale by imposing the duty on them to obtain necessary licenses, copyright assignments and model releases (if and where applicable), for certain class of images that appear on our services for sale. However, you agree that, even though SnapHubr has taken reasonable steps to ensure that images uploaded to SnapHubr are legitimate, and undertakes further to provide reasonable assurances for the protection of our buyers from the sale of infringed copies of works on our site, we are not responsible for our contributors and so cannot guarantee totally that their works are free of infringement. Stemming from such, we ARE TOTALLY EXEMPT from liability/responsibility for any resulting issues that may accrue from the sale of images on our services. Contributors will bear full responsibility for their own images.
    2. Standard License. Buyers who intend to use the works displayed on SnapHubr shall purchase same before they can use same. Where and when purchased, such must be used only for personal use in line with our Standard License. Personal use in this context, precludes use of purchased works on certain forums, including but not limited to: money-making blogs, web sites, magazines, fliers, books, and ANY/ALL mediums through which the buyer can generate income either directly or indirectly, or through which any other person, utilizing such image on behalf of the buyer, can generate income either for himself or the buyer of said image, whether the buyer grants permission to use same or not.Personal use does NOT preclude the buyer from making gifts of purchased images, adding same in gift cards, and in any other way disposing of or gifting/transferring the image to another person PROVIDED ALWAYS that the final end user shall not use same to generate income.
      1. The price for such works purchased under our standard license is as determined under our pricing policy.
    3. Extended License. Any work sold on our services which was not purchased for personal use under our standard license is automatically deemed to have been purchased under this extended license. Where a buyer wishes to purchase any work listed on SnapHubr for commercial use, such buyer shall purchase the work under SnapHubr’s extended license and can only use those works in line with the provisions/restrictions of SnapHubr’s extended license which is enumerated under the Business Use article and its subdivisions.
    4. Business Use. Any work purchased on SnapHubr or any of its services, which was not intended for personal use, shall be deemed to have been purchased for business use. At such, the standard license shall not apply.
      1. Where a work is purchased for business use, the use intended for such work shall be categorized to be intended for use either under Commercial Use, Editorial Use, or for Presentational Purposes.
    5. Commercial Use. Stock images sold under SnapHubr’s extended license shall be intended for commercial use, and may be used by the buyer for any commercial purpose, which includes: printing same into hard copies, or to use same for any activities which the buyer purchasing same would normally use such images for in the ordinary course of his business. However, this license does not grant the buyer the right to resell the photos digitally “AS-IS”. Doing such will amount to a violation of SnapHubr’s terms.
      1. Prospective buyers please note that it is not all images that are made available for sale on SnapHubr are available for commercial use. Some images are available only for personal use, editorial use, and presentational purposes and these will be listed on any of our services at any time.
    6. Editorial Use.
      Images can be purchased from SnapHubr for editorial use.
      1. Where an image is purchased for editorial use, the use of such image by the buyer (or, where the context so permits, his agents, or third parties for whom the image was purchased) is strictly restricted to the use by said buyer as background piece or as a main feature piece in an editorial production, whether for a magazine, newspaper, newsletter, or any other written medium intended for intellectual consumption by the persons that constitute the readership of such publication.
      2. Nothing in this Article or which appears anywhere else in this entire Agreement, precludes photographers from selling stock images originally set forth to be sold on SnapHubrEvent -whether or not they are subsequently sold on SnapHubrEvent-on the main SnapHubr stock image site. Thus, if a photographer takes images of subjects at an event, such image can be sold on www.snaphubr.com ONLY under Editorial Use as portrayed by our Extended License.
    7. Presentational Purposes.
      Buyers can purchase images on SnapHubr for use in presentations. If and when images are purchased for use in presentations, you agree to use those images only as part of material for educational presentations in schools, office presentations; use same as part of conference materials to be made available to conference attendees in slide shows for presentation to them, or to use it in any other presentation aimed at explaining concepts to an assemblage of people or work group. You further agree that any use of works purchased on SnapHubr for use in presentations cannot be used for any other purpose, or in any other medium whatsoever, without prior permission from SnapHubr.
    8. Attribution. Any and all images purchased on SnapHubr, particularly if such are images purchased for use/publication to a public medium, must be credited to SnapHubr as the originating source of the image and properly captioned to reflect same.
  8. Royalty-Free Usage of purchased images

    A buyer is entitled to the use of any images purchased via our services upon a one-time payment of the list price for that image. Upon payment, the buyer is entitled to utilize the image(s) in line with any of our licenses without having to pay additional fees (royalties) to the contributor who uploaded the image for sale on our site.
  9. Restrictions on Buyers

    1. Where buyers purchase works made available on SnapHubr for business use, they are restricted from using the work other than for the purpose which is stated per these terms and/or any other terms incorporated by reference into this Agreement. To that effect, buyers are restricted from reproducing the works, effecting alterations on the work substantially so that a derivative work is created from the purchased work without SnapHubr’s permission, or in any other way dealing with or tampering with the work in such a manner as would be termed to be a violation of SnapHubr’s policies.
    2. Buyer Registration Restrictions. Only one email account per buyer is allowed on SnapHubr. Buyers are not allowed to have more than one email which they used to register on the Site. Any request/complaint by a buyer that he wishes to have an image already purchased forwarded to another email address which is different from the one originally used in registering for our services shall be summarily denied.
    3. Editing and Alterations. Nothing in this Agreement precludes a buyer from editing/altering a purchased image in order to bring the image within their expected image specifications for usage in line with any of our licenses. Buyers are however mandated NOT to alter the works, either in part or in whole, such alteration of which can create derivative works from the original work without the express permission of the copyright owner of the work.
  10. Event Photos

    Event photos are photos taken at public events by photographers. Such photos can be made available for sale through SnapHubr or any of its other services in line with the buyer usage restrictions that apply to them since event photos are originally intended for another platform altogether which is separate from www.snaphubr.com.

    1. Works intended for upload and sale on any of our services which are termed Event Photos can appear, not only on www.snaphubr.com but also on an entirely different service known as SnapHubrEvent.
    2. Event Information.
      Contributors who upload event photos are expected to provide the following details: event name, event location, event date, photographer name, and ANY other identifying information which we may require to be provided before we agree to the work being made available on our services for sale.
  11. Pricing and Payment Policies

    1. Pricing.
      Images uploaded to SnapHubr for sale shall be priced at pre-determined tags set by SnapHubr in line with our internal pricing policies and guidelines. At such, you agree that we reserve the right to price your image starting from whatever price threshold we deem fit. Furthermore, uploading your image to SnapHubr means that you agree to our pricing system and at such, cannot complain about it at ANY time in the future throughout the duration of your usage of our services or in any way seek for a variation of the price(s).
      1. SnapHubr reserves the right to price your image in whatever currency we deem fit, taking into consideration such factors as: Contributors’ home currency, Buyers’ places of domicile, and such other factors as may from time to time, be determined by SnapHubr’s internal team in order to bring our services to comply with global e-commerce best practices.
    2. Payment Policies for Contributors.
      1. Profit-Sharing Ratio between SnapHubr and Contributors.
        As aforementioned, all images uploaded to our servers by contributors are to be made available for sale. When any work uploaded for sale on SnapHubr is sold to a buyer, SnapHubr shall credit the contributor of said work 60% of the funds realized from such sale while 40% shall automatically be subtracted and disbursed to SnapHubr as service fee for services rendered to the contributor for the use of our services. SnapHubr however reserves the right to pay more than the stipulated 60% profit to contributors who are regarded as big contributors to our services in which case the amount to be paid to said contributors for the sale of their uploaded works shall be on an “As-Negotiated” basis.
      2. Payment Schedule.
        The royalties payable to contributors are calculated cumulatively over the course of a week and paid at the end of each working week. To that effect, funds will be disbursed on Fridays. This shall exclude Nigerian national holidays and other international holidays which SnapHubr may or may not observe but which ordinarily we should observe by virtue of being a service-delivery entity. Where any payment date is missed due to factors outside our control, we shall pay accruing royalties within a reasonable time in the next incoming week or carry the monies up to be paid on the next payment Friday, or the next Friday, and so on, until the monies are disbursed, and as provided under Article 11.3
      3. Resell and Distribution. Notwithstanding the above profit-sharing mechanism stipulated above, SnapHubr reserves the right to distribute images submitted for sale on our platform to other agents or marketers for sale in order to generate more profit. Where such images are distributed to other partners, the profit-sharing percentage shall remain as originally stipulated in this Agreement unless where otherwise decided upon.
    3. In line with the general disclaimer warranties, you agree to release SnapHubr from liability if and when we fail to pay you any accruing monies on the above-stated Fridays due to any Force Majeure. In the event that any act which may constitute a Force Majeure occurs, we shall endeavor to then pay any unpaid monies due to you within the earliest possible time from the time the act occurred.
  12. Miscellaneous Provisions.

  13. Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability Limitation.

    SnapHubr DOES NOT WARRANT THAT YOUR USE of SnapHubr’s services WILL NOT be disruptive or error-free, or that the service shall be permanently available. At such, SnapHubr’s services are provided to you, EXCEPT where expressly stated otherwise, on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis, for your use without ANY warranties, either expressly or implicitly, including implied warranties as to fitness for a particular purpose. You also agree that SnapHubr can remove the service provided for indefinite periods of time, or suspend your usage of said services without any liability to you. SnapHubr shall not be liable for any loss of money, goodwill or reputation, or any direct/indirect or consequential damages arising out of your use of, or inability to use, our site, services, and other available tools. In the event of any misrepresentation on your part, fraud, or illegal activity resulting from your usage of our offered services, SnapHubr shall not be liable for your acts and/or omissions. You shall bear such responsibility solely and absolutely.

    SnapHubr DOES NOT WARRANT THAT YOUR USE of SnapHubr’s services WILL NOT be disruptive or error-free, or that the service shall be permanently available. At such, SnapHubr’s services are provided to you, EXCEPT where expressly stated otherwise, on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis, for your use without ANY warranties, either expressly or implicitly, including implied warranties as to fitness for a particular purpose. You also agree that SnapHubr can remove the service provided for indefinite periods of time, or suspend your usage of said services without any liability to you. SnapHubr shall not be liable for any loss of money, goodwill or reputation, or any direct/indirect or consequential damages arising out of your use of, or inability to use, our site, services, and other available tools. In the event of any misrepresentation on your part, fraud, or illegal activity resulting from your usage of our offered services, SnapHubr shall not be liable for your acts and/or omissions. You shall bear such responsibility solely and absolutely.

    Furthermore, by using our services, you warrant that you own the necessary IP rights over any work which you upload to our site and SnapHubr thus disclaims ANY AND ALL liabilities arising from, or that may be likely to arise from, any third-party claims and actions over ANY work you uploaded to SnapHubr.

    By virtue of your use of SnapHubr’s platform, you hereby represent that you are responsible for your own actions or inactions. SnapHubr shall not be held responsible for your actions in the usage of any of our services.

    In line with all the above, you also agree to exempt SnapHubr from any liability that may accrue from failure to pay the necessary royalties/funds accruing to you from sales of your images on our service channels due to any act that can be termed as a Force Majeure. SnapHubr is also exempt from any liability that may accrue to you resulting from the inability of prospective buyers to access your images for purchase due to technical glitches or other Force Majeure events that may/will thus affect sales of your work on our services.

  14. Indemnity

    You shall indemnify SnapHubr (which, in this context, shall mean its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, employees and any other third party acting on our behalf with requisite authority) for any claims, including attorneys’ fees, made by any third party against us arising out of your breach of this Agreement, or your violation of any extant law or third-party rights.
  15. SnapHubr Intellectual Property

    You agree that SnapHubr services, including but not limited to: UI, graphics, editorial and marketing content; existing web copy, scripts, site look, and other software used to implement SnapHubr Services to you, contains proprietary information owned by SnapHubr, and at such, is protected under applicable extant Intellectual Property laws. You agree to use same under the terms of this Agreement only, and cannot copy the design of the site, or reproduce its content anywhere else on the Web without SnapHubr’s express written permission.
  16. Court/Class/Representative Action Waiver

    1. This mandatory Alternative Dispute Resolution waiver affects your right/ability to participate in any class/representative legal action against SnapHubr. All actions against SnapHubr shall be on an individual basis and cannot be in collaboration with another (other) user(s) except as otherwise ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.
      1. Mandatory Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause. You agree that before any litigation suit is filed against SnapHubr, you must have brought your Pre-Action notice to SnapHubr and steps taken with SnapHubr in order to bring the dispute to an amicable resolution through the exploration of Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. If in the course of the pursuit of amicable settlement with SnapHubr, the intended settlement continues on for a period of three (3) calendar months from the period of first notification, you are then free to proceed with a court action against SnapHubr.
  17. Applicable Law

    The applicable laws which shall govern SnapHubr’s relationship with you shall be the extant laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, being in force at the time of the ensuing dispute and/or the time/duration of your use of our services. At such, only Nigerian courts can handle any resulting disputes. SnapHubr shall not be bound by any proceeding purportedly obtained in any other jurisdiction apart from Nigeria.
  18. Enforcement of Terms

    The failure of SnapHubr to enforce any Term which you breach under this Agreement in the course of your use of our services DOES NOT constitute a waiver of the right to enforce. SnapHubr can choose to enforce ANY term which you breach under this Agreement, and, should a Court of competent jurisdiction, given its powers of interpretation, choose to overturn any Term contained under this Agreement, the parties agree that the Court should, within the reasonable exercise of its powers, give effect to the intention of the parties over the term.
  19. Communications

    We shall communicate with you through the main SnapHubr site: www.snaphubr.com, our social media handles including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapHubr blog, emails and any other such interface, whether existing now and which we are a part of, or not yet in existence but which may come into existence and which we may subscribe to in the future.

  20. Privacy

    By registering and using our services, you grant SnapHubr the permission to collect your Personally Identifiable Information such as your name, address, bank details, and other derivative information like your geolocational data, purchase history, IP address and other information we deem necessary to collect to aid our provision of services to you. Where such information is collected, it is confidential and will not be disclosed to unauthorized third parties. You can view our extensive privacy policy here: Privacy Policy


To report any violation of our terms to us, SnapHubr can be reached on service@Snaphubr.com