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snaphubr privacy policies

This Privacy Policy was last modified in 2017.

SnapHubr Investment limited (SnapHubr or SnapHubr Investment Ltd. Or, Us or We) operates the site (The Site). This page notifies you of our method of collection of user data, retention of said data, retrieval, use, sharing, storage and the disclosure of the data we collect on our Site for the provision of applicable services to you.

We collect your private information only for providing our services to you and improving on our services for your use. By using this Site, You agree to provide your private data to us and further agree to our collection and use of same in accordance with our policies.

information collection and use

While using our site and registering for the use of our services, we may require you to provide personally identifiable information which we can use to process your order, identify you, and if possibly contact you if and when the need for such contact arises. Personally identifiable information includes but are not limited to: your name, address, phone number, email address, debit or credit card details, and bank details (Personal Information). These information, if and when collected, shall not be transmitted to any third parties.

While processing your payment based on the information provided, we do not retain your payment information on our systems. We shall forward your payment information to Interswitch Technologies who shall process your payment, all with your consent based on clicks on our links. On their part, Interswitch may collect payment information from you so as to be able to process your payments. They may also retain your payment information on their systems in line with their cookies policy. SnapHubr DOES NOT store your payment information on any of our servers. Before you provide your financial details to Interswitch, please review and understand their privacy policies so as to acquaint yourself with the information they will collect from you in order to process your payment. If you are uncomfortable with the information they may collect, then do not provide such information to Interswitch Technologies.

If at any time, you no longer wish to have your information retained with us, you can cancel your membership status of SnapHubr by visiting your dashboard. There you can select My Account and then click on Disable My Account. Once the process is completed, your information shall be deleted from our database and we shall no longer retain your personally identifiable information on our systems for any purposes whatsoever since we will no longer be providing our services to you.

log data

Like many other site operators everywhere in the world, SnapHubr may collect non-personal information; we may (the operative word being MAY) collect information which your browser sends whenever you access our site for the use of our services (“Log Data”). Log Data may include information such as your computer Internet Protocol (IP) address, your browser type, the pages on our site which you visited, the time and date of your visit, the amount of time you spent on the pages visited, outbound links clicked to visit other sites from our site and other site statistics like geolocational data.


SnapHubr does not use cookies to collect your information about your activities on our site when you log in and use our services. Cookies are small text files transferred by a web server to your hard drive or device memory and thereafter stored on your computer or other device to monitor your activities for user preferences and other like information.

information usage

SnapHubr uses the user information it collects to:

  1. • Provide and improve on our services.
  2. • Provide and deliver the services you request, confirm and process transactions and send you related information pertaining to those transactions.
  3. • If you are a contributor to our platform, to prepare your share of monies realized from sale of your images on our site and to send said accruing monies to you.
  4. • To communicate with you and provide information about services, news, and other related information which may be of interest to you by virtue of your use of our services.
  5. • If you are a buyer, to process your order and send the relevant information about the images bought to you and also to send you information about related products/services.
  6. • Carry out any service as described to you at the point of collecting the information.


SnapHubr understands the need for the protection of the information of users of our services, and so, takes reasonable steps to ensure that all user information collected by our systems are protected from theft, phishing, misuse, loss, and unauthorized access, disclosure and destruction. For your added protection, we advise you to never disclose your log-in details to anyone else. Always endeavor to log off after each session if you are using a shared computer or device. Furthermore, always ensure you check for security and data protection measures available on Interswitch if making payments as a buyer.

Note that even though SnapHubr has made reasonable provisions for the protection of user data, SnapHubr disclaims liability for any third-party website or materials which users may access in the course of the usage of our services and which access, in the course of the usage of our services, may expose the user to risk of privacy infringement.

retention period

Any data which you provide to us-whether they be data that can be termed personally identifiable information or not-shall be retained in our database for as long as is reasonably necessary to provide your requested service. If the purpose for which you issued your data to us is for our provision of Newsletters to you, such data will be retained until you choose to unsubscribe from the Newsletter. Where the data supplied to us is no longer in use in order to provide any (previously requested) service to you, we may keep such information for a period not exceeding one year from the date of your cancellation of our services to you.

changes to this privacy policy

We shall always endeavor to review our policies periodically and then promptly update same to reflect material changes on how we collect users’ information and share users’ personally identifiable information. Once done, we shall endeavor to notify our users of such changes as they occur and reflect same on our specialized privacy page.

contact us

SnapHubr can be contacted at its main address at Davidson Plaza, Omole Layout, 20 Lateef Jakande street, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. We can also be contacted via any of our social media handles and email addresses if and when the need arises.