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About Snaphubr

What is Snaphubr?

SnapHubr is an African dedicated photo market place that allows African photographers (Freelance or Professional) to upload their image, we sell the images for them while they sleep, and they earn monetary value for their work. Photographers earn a larger chunk of commission on each photo sale. SnapHubr also connects event hosts with the service of a photographer. What this means is that you can Hire A Photographer via SnapHubr.

How can Snaphubr help you make money?

All you need do is understand our terms and conditions, upload your images and relax. We get our hands dirty trying to sell your images. Leave the hassles to us…we are hustlers anyway! Upon each sale, we deduct our 40% commission and settle you with 60% every Friday!

How do I sign up for an account?

It’s simple. If you are reading this FAQ, you can sign up by clicking the “Sell/Sign In” Menu. You can sign up using the Facebook or Google Authorization features. Go sign up now and start making money already.

How do I upload a picture?

Good Question! Upon signing up, you will be presented with options on the menu bar. One of them is the “Upload” menu. Click it and upload accordingly. After uploading, Publish your uploads and we will review. Once your photos are approved, we will publish for the world to see. To see your photos, Click the “My Photos” Menu; but you must remained logged in to do that.

What should I keep in mind while picking out a password?

Passwords are very important and you wouldn’t like anyone infringing on your privacy. However, SnapHubr has taken strong security measures to keep things safe for our users. Keep these in mind:
* Make your password long. Well, not as long as Nebuchadnezzar anyways.
* Don’t use any part of your username. That style is now too common and can be easily guessed. Trust me!
* Avoid obvious number combinations like 123, 234, 000. How about you try out something like 9874941698.

Why can't I upload animated gifs or videos

SnapHubr really just sells photos. You’re welcome.

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Selling Your Photos

Why was my image rejected?

WHY WAS MY IMAGE REJECTED? Our administrators look out for certain criteria before approving images. A few of them are: * Must be HD * Must be YOURS. Please DO NOT upload a plagiarized image. * Must be not less than 700px in width * Must not be watermarked. We will not upload a watermarked image.

Is there a limit to how much money I can earn?

Upload away friend; while we sell for you. No limits whatsoever. Just a picture can be bought a thousand times by different people so be very creative with your photos. You never can tell!

Are there any restrictions on photos I can upload?

Yes there are! First, you must have legal right to upload and sell your photos. We don’t do nudes, and we won’t approve of any image that depicts crime, violence, or inappropriate materials. Should we get notified of any violation of image after we may have approved, we will take it down immediately without your consent and get back to you afterwards.

How will potential customers find my photos?

All photos have a category; buyers usually search buy category. Your photos will be featured in buyers’ specified category provided your photos are in the specified category. If Buyer also knows your name, buyer could search using that also. We also have a logic that ensures that all images are displayed at certain times in turns. So a buyer in Nigeria may not be seeing your photo at this minute but a buyer in Kenya could be seeing your photo. It’s a fair deal!

How will I know if my photos have been purchased?

There are two ways to find out – by logging into your dashboard and via the email we send to you upon every purchase.

What happens if the sales of a photo I uploaded are rejected?

If a photo violates our terms of usage, or we receive complaints about objectionable content or privacy violation in a photo you have uploaded, the photograph will be removed from Snaphubr.com. Any past sales will be rejected and corresponding amount of revenue will not be credited to your account. Our fair advice is that be clean with your uploads if you must really earn.

When will I get paid?

We settle users who have made sales every week – Fridays Precisely.

How much does it cost to register as a Seller and sell photos on Snaphubr?

It costs absolutely nothing to upload your photos. Nothing beats this yeah? We know!

How do I get started?

Just sign up…and upload! Leave the rest to us, we got you covered!

How can I reset my password?

On the login page, click “Forgot Password” and follow prompts. Email containing reset instructions will be sent to you

I just uploaded a photo to Snaphubr. What are my ownership rights?

SnapHubr pays close attention to the owner’s right. So what we do is simple; all your images remains yours but are watermarked by SnapHubr. Our watermark serves as your copyright. As such, no one is permitted to sell digital copies of your watermarked images. However, you as the image owner is permitted to sell your raw photos simultaneously on other platforms. We will not limit your earning potentials.

Should I add watermarks to my photos before uploading?

Nope! We will reject it. Your content is protected with our own SnapHubr Watermark. Website name, copyright notice and all that MUST not be in the images else, will be rejected.

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Buying Photos

I bought a photo on Snaphubr. What rights do I have over it?

Depending on the purpose for which it was bought, there are no limits to what you can do. Our images are not for resale.

Can I return a photo I've purchased on Snaphubr?

SnapHubr wouldn’t do that. We cannot offer a refund for photos already purchased.


What Service can I Request on SnapHubr?

So we heard you looking around for a photographer for your BIG DAY. Your search is over like right now. SnapHubr provides a platform for you to request the service of a professional photographer. Ah yes, also at an affordable price.

How can I Hire a Photographer?

With the “Hire a Photographer” button on our home page, you can view a list of registered photographers, view their past works, and reach out to them. See below the steps to doing that:
1. Hit the “Hire a Photographer” button

2. Select a photographer of your choice from the list of listed photographers. You can view their works before hiring one.

3. Post the Job you want the photographer to do. Photographer will receive a notification and contact you in less than 24 hours.